Club Championship Rules

Club Champion is the best overall performer over the full summer offshore series; either fully crewed or short handed; over a variety of courses redefined from time to time, to best encourage all member yachts to competitively participate.

Includes Summer Short Haul series and Summer Non-Spinnaker series. The winner will be the boat with the most number of first places. Ties will be broken by the most number of second place. If still tied, then the most number of third places and so on.

Club Champion - April 2018

2758Pied PiperTony Towndrow4021
6817Sweet ChariotAlistair Rowe and Ian Gibbs2222
6597AirstreamWarwick Taylor2003
717L'attitudeJohn Barter12 24
6924ImpulsivePete Risby and Rowan Leavold1215
5384ExcentricMike Wolf1106
6940InceptionAndy Chilton1007
7076YknotDavid Newton and Graeme Amey0208
 1635FunJared Macquart0109
7171Possible DreamKen Teiffel0109
8128Mangrove JackRex Levi, Kyle Hurst, Brett Parr and Nick Wilson0109
6480EurekaKevin Oldfield00112
11000Kite RunnerPhil Jobe00013
409AxiomDon Parker00013